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Is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet A Sequel To Inception?

It is always exciting to figure out what Christopher Nolan’s new movie is about. I mean, the guy always comes up with brilliant stories and directions. Right when we heard that he is working on yet another movie, it’s easy to imagine most of us trying to find out storylines and making up fan theories. […]

Captain America Could Be Star Lord’s Grandad, Marvel Fan Theorists Tell

It is no doubt that Kevin Feige has a massive Hollywood franchise to deal with now. the Avengers: Endgame movie broke the long-standing box-office record of Avatar movie. Moreover, Phase 4 has begun, and with it comes possibly bigger storylines. With such a huge brand, Marvel collected generations of fans through its different media formats. […]

Paul Rudd On Crawling Up Thanos’s Bottom

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is always surrounded by fan-theories. Some are plausible and some are.. let’s just say.. a bit too creative. Paul Rudd recently joked that not using this one particular theory in Avengers: Endgame was a mistake. He argued that it would have made it much easier to kill Thanos. It’s hilarious. Related: […]