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Eric Dane Movies And Tv Shows You Should Watch

Eric Dane is a famous American actor who has played iconic roles throughout his career. He is most known for his work as Dr. Mark Sloan in the fan-favorite Medical drama series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ which aired on the ABC channel. Even to this day, he has been involved in iconic shows of the present era […]

Sydney Sweeney Best Movies And TV Shows To Watch

Sydney Sweeney is the 24-year-old American actress everyone is talking about. Sydney Sweeney has been on the rise to fame recently, with everyone talking about her work in various TV shows and movies. Before she made it big, she was part of a few popular shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gray’s Anatomy. Alongside her […]

Barbie Ferreira Responds To Euphoria Theories About Her Character Kat

HBO’s hit show ‘Euphoria’ has almost everyone under its spell with season 2, if season 1 was not enough to impress. Euphoria has given pop culture multiple memes, subjects, conflicts, and characters to talk about. Maddy (Alexa Demie), Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), Lexie (Maude Apatow), and Nate (Jacob Elordi) are the most dominating characters. However, there […]

Jacob Elordi and Kendall Jenner Spark Dating Rumors!

Jacob Elordi has become something of an overnight sensation with his role in HBO’s Euphoria. And with his chiseled good looks and captivating performance, there’s no surprise there either. So, after recent pictures of Jacob Elordi hanging out with Kendall Jenner came to light, fans were left screaming! The two were spotted together at dinner […]

Euphoria Called Out For Glamorizing Drug Use and Violence

At the moment, Euphoria season 2 is streaming on HBO. While the creator Sam Levinson and Zendaya warned the fans about graphic content, nothing could have prepared them for the new season. Recently, the show was called out by D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) for glorifying the use of drugs. As they have criticized the […]

NikkieTutorials Makes Cameo in Euphoria Season 2

It seems that NikkieTutorials is expanding her horizon and trying her hands on new mediums. Recently, her fans got a pleasant surprise when she made a cameo in the second season of Euphoria. As expected, they were happy and excited for her. At the end of last year, she made a video with Adele and […]

Euphoria Review: It Aimed to Shock, Yet Still is a Cliche

If you thought Gossip Girl and 13 Reasons Why were controversial and problematic, oh boy you’re in for a ride. These shows are nothing in front of Euphoria starring Zendaya. This new teen drama took controversial to another level. Though it’s still sensitive enough. A bit graphic but not insensitive. Something 13 Reasons Why can’t […]

Barbie Ferreira From Euphoria is a Blackpink Fan

If you haven’t seen Euphoria yet then you’re living under a rock. It’s without a doubt the best TVshow right now and yes I’m saying THE BEST. No other teen drama compares to it. Euphoria has a good story, perhaps a bit too controversial at times but yet so relatable. The cast is phenomenally good. […]