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Chris D’Elia (No Pain), Soiled His Pants On His Way to Meet Eminem

Chris D’Elia, No Pain, tells Joe Rogan about how he started working with Eminem (Godzilla). The stand-up comedian also shares the details of the day he met the rap king and it’s hilarious. The day Chris D’Elia met the King of Rap The conversation between Undateable‘s Delia and Joe Rogan with a casual talk on […]

Nick Cannon Hits Back At Eminem With ‘The Invitation’ Diss Track

Choose your sides as a fresh wave of diss tracks is about to begin. Last week when Eminem released his song ‘Lord Above’ featuring Dr. Dre, we noticed something odd. The rap king reignited his decade-old feud with Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. So far, we have not heard from Mariah about this, obviously, she […]

Eminem Releases Freestyle Rap Referencing Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber

Eminem Freestyle Surprise of  “Kick -Off”  Referencing Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, can make a tick of flaky responses. Eminem Releases Freestyle Kick -Off: A few days ago, the American rapper has released its 11-minute Freestyle Kick -off video. The track was recorded at the Shelter at St. Andrews in Detroit. This city is actually Eminem’s basic platform […]

Eminem Vs. Machine Gun Kelly Saga: Who Won?

Here are a few things I learned today after reading an in-depth article on the outline of how it sucks to be an Eminem fan. First and foremost, I learned why Eminem was a big deal back in his day and no matter how bad his music has gotten, he won’t ever get down from […]