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Elijah Daniel Joins OnlyFans for Charity

You can count on Elijah Daniel being there for you during a pandemic. He’s been very keen to help out those in need whenever he can, especially amid this stressful year for many. He started ‘Cult for Good’ and provided much needed items for people in need. Now, he’s on a mission to help provide […]

Elijah Daniel calls Bryce Hall the TikTok Karen

The popular TikTok star Bryce Hall keeps getting involved in controversies these days. Recently, he was seen in a public brawl with a waiter. Popular YouTuber Elijah Daniel had a bit of fun and declared Bryce Hall as the ‘Karen’ of the Tiktok world. And this isn’t the first time Elijah Daniel called out Bryce’s […]

Jake Paul stole Elijah Daniel’s beats for ‘Fresh Outta London’?

Elijah Daniel, one of the rare influencers who are following COVID-19 SOPs, has been calling out many influencers these days. His own friend Tana Mongeau has recently attended multiple house parties before she was directly called out by Elijah on Twitter. Following which, Tana apologized in an Instagram Story. Elijah also called out Jake Paul […]

Elijah Daniel’s Perfect Response to Jeffree Star Apology Video

Jeffree Star, recently embroiled in a massive beauty community drama, has broken his silence. In a carefully crafted apology video that still had many flaws, he apologizes to his fans and James Charles. He shares that he hasn’t abandoned his close friend Shane Dawson and that we need to put our focus on other issues […]

Elijah Daniel is pitching LGBT animated comedy to Adult Swim

Elijah Daniel, the OG LGBT activist and a singer who goes by the name of Lil Phag, has been helping out many in need during the current coronavirus pandemic. He is also known to stir drama whenever Tana Mongeau is involved in something. However, this time, he is focusing more on showing the Good Cop […]

Elijah Daniel’s The Final Album Hits 11 Billboard Charts

Elijah Daniel, famous for the Trump Temptations books, owner of Gay Hell, fiance of Dr. Woke, and torchbearer of Tana Mongeau, is breaking the Billboard charts as Lil Phag. If you ask me, he is the king of Twitter as well. Elijah started off his Lil Phag gig to troll people but it turned into […]