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Jaclyn Glenn urges Shane Dawson to help Eugenia Cooney

Jaclyn Glenn has broken her silence on Eugenia Cooney again. Ever since Shane Dawson made a video on her return, Eugenia has started to appear thinner in her videos. That has led to many fans thinking that she has relapsed into her old eating disorder. She went to rehab when Jaclyn Glenn and her other […]

Shane Dawson opens up about his weight gain

YouTuber with a dark side, Shane Dawson, is not afraid of speaking up for himself. The 32-year-old joined Youtube all the way back in 2008. That is over 12 years ago. Through the years, as most of his followers may know, he has gone from an insecure boy gushing over his mom’s poverty to worldwide […]

Blaire White: “Dysmorphia replaced my dysphoria”

Blaire White opened up about her eating disorder with a special video with Trisha Paytas. Fans got to see a side of Blaire White that many people were seeing for the very first time. In an emotional video, we came to know that Blaire White’s gender dysphoria transformed into body dysmorphia when she transitioned into […]