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Does Dr Phil Have a Doctorate Degree Or Not? Time To Find Out!

In case you may not know, Phillip Calvin McGraw, or commonly known as Dr. Phil, is an American TV personality. He is a host of his TV show, called Dr Phil, and also runs an online doctor app by the same name. He studied clinical psychology and regularly gives relationship and life advice to people […]

Amanda Cerny Slams Popular Instagrammer on Dr. Phil For Spreading Negativity

Social media plays a major catalyst in aggravating teenage depression. Teenagers feel compelled to have an audience for even their most trivial activities and genuine social interactions are no more being taken into account. Dr. Phil, in a recent episode of his show, tried to address the psychological dilemmas of aspiring Instagrammers and YouTubers. His […]

Treasure Richards and Dr. Phil Respond to Allegations Made By Her Sister

Recently, a strange case on the Dr. Phil show had left everyone in a state of shock. A black girl, apparently facing certain mental disorders, appeared on the show only to hurl racial abuses at African-Americans. This 16-year-old teenager, known by the name of Treasure Richards, appeared on the show alongside her mother. There this […]

Black Girl Claiming to be White On Dr. Phil Was a Hoax!

Now, who is not familiar with the tabloid display of Dr. Phil? The show invites the victims with psychological woes as guests. Phil McGraw the host of this show, consoles these distraught invitees via offering functional “life strategies” to them. D.Phil. counsels his guests as a clinical and forensic psychologist. The episode with Treasure; however, […]