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Jenna Shea exposes Aaron Carter as an abuser

Things are heating up pretty fast with Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin. We just reported that Melanie Martin was sent to jail due to her committing domestic abuse as per Aaron Carter. Now, we only know Aaron’s side of the story and not Melanie’s so it’s not clear what’s exactly the truth. However, Aaron Carter’s […]

Aaron Carter puts girlfriend in prison for domestic abuse

This relationship is just getting messier. It feels like history repeating itself when it comes to Aaron Carter. In his last proper relationship, he claimed that his girlfriend Lina Valentina slapped him. Due to which he ended up filing for a temporary restraining order. However, since he did not show up for the permanent RO […]

Aaron Carter’s Ex-Girlfriends Are Uniting Against Him

Just a few days back, Aaron Carter (Nick Carter’s younger brother, and a singer) had a fight with his girlfriend, Melanie Martin. What makes this fight stand out is the fact that it was live-streamed on his Instagram. After a couple of hours, Melanie changed her Instagram profile image to an inappropriate explicit one, confirming […]

The Invisible Man is 2020’s best horror movie

Nowadays, horror movies are rarely critically acclaimed and don’t amount to much other than cheap jumpscares. However, The Invisible Man manages to break past both of these barriers in an adaptation of an 1897 classic by H. G. Wells. An exceptional performance by Elizabeth Moss with a compelling storyline was enough to make The Invisible […]

Johnny Depp Case Reveals Why Men Don’t Report Domestic Abuse

The internet is in uproar as it is revealed that Johnny Depp was a victim of an elaborate hoax by Amber Heard. The actor also suffered from her hands from domestic abuse which was highly violent in nature. From throwing soda cans to slapping him, Amber Heard has done it all. But that was not […]

Tall Girl’s Luke Eisner Takes a Step To Help Domestic Abuse Survivors

Luke Eisner has raised considerable popularity after the release of the Netflix movie Tall Girl. He stars alongside Ava Michelle, Sabrina Carpenter, and Griffin Gluck. He played the role of a Swedish exchange student Stig, who happens to be the only guy taller than the main girl Jodie. While his character wasn’t always good, the […]