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Doja Cat Has Finally Won A Grammy Award!

Doja Cat, the American Rapper and the hit song ‘Say So’ singer, has been taking over the world for a while. Doja’s new album ‘Planet Her’ is a fair display of her phenomenal talents. Moreover, Doja’s music stretches over multiple genres. She’s not only a spectacular singer but also shows exceptional dancing skills. Doja has […]

Doja Cat Says ‘I quit’ On Twitter After A Steamy Fight With Paraguay Fans

The famous hit song ‘Say So’ singer, Doja Cat has gained international fame in such a little time. She has fans all the around chanting her name and singing her hit songs such as ‘Streets’, ‘Ain’t sh*t’ and ‘Woman’. Moreover, Doja Cat’s funny personality, incredible choreo in her music videos and excellent music has gathered […]

Doja Cat admits her merchandise is not good after getting criticism

You might have heard Doja Cat’s new album Planet Her. We are currently obsessed with it, and so are millions of others. Moreover, Doja also launched the merch of the album as well. But, it did not receive the same reception as did her album. People are voicing their opinions on social media, saying Doja’s […]

Doja Cat released New Track ‘Need to Know’

Our favorite female rapper is back with another song. The famous rapper, Doja Cat, has released some remarkable singles and albums over time. One of the very famous songs is ‘Boss B*tch’. Almost everyone has heard it once in their lives, and if you have not. This is your cue to go to YouTube and […]

Doja Cat brings TikTok Dance to VMAs 2020 in her debut performance

I guess it’s safe to say that 2020 is getting a little better. MTV VMAs have once again given us a reason to add a little shine to our quarantine routine. Our favorite singer ‘Doja Cat’ got famous through her songs “Like That” and “Say So” on TikTok. Not just that, she also got recognized […]

James Charles Collab with Doja Cat is Iconic!

I think James Charles deserves an award for doing the best collaborations in the beauty community. We have seen a lot of members from the beauty community doing collabs with all sorts of content creators. But James Charles has truly won the race.  And some of his best collaborations are with Kylie Jenner, Ke$ha, The […]