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Demi Lovato is Coming Back With New Music

‘Sonny With A Chance’ star and the singer of ‘Cool for the Summer’ is coming back with bangers. Demi Lovato has been in the music industry since their ‘Disney’ days. They have been producing spectacular pop music since the beginning of their career. They had some up and downs with their health issues but they […]

Demi Lovato Thinks Their Vibrator Is Better At It Than Their Ex

After going viral for communicating with spirits, Demi Lovato have made another questionable claim. When asked about their last relationship, the singer quickly took a dig at their ex-boyfriend Max Ehrich. According to them, their vibrator is better than him. In response to this, he posted a picture of his six-pack abs and shared an […]

People call out Demi Lovato for Hanging Out with Tana Mongeau

Tana Mongeau and Demi Lovato are the type of friends that you didn’t quite see coming. But this idea is not far-fetched. Considering Lovato is close with makeup influencer Nikita Dragun. This year in August, Tana Mongeau and Demi Lovato surprised everyone by sharing a kiss on social media. People thought these two might be […]

Demi Lovato Comes Out as Non-Binary

In a heartfelt video post, singer/songwriter Demi Lovato has come out as non-binary. From now on, the official Demi Lovato pronouns are now they/them. They shared the news on their Instagram, wanting to shed light into the seriousness of recognizing a person through their chosen pronouns. They shared that this change helps them feel their […]