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Josh Richards & Brianna LaPaglia Debunk Dating Rumours On BFFs Podcast

As we all know that Brianna LaPaglia or Brianna Chickenfry and Josh Richards had a great time partying together at the ‘Sleep when you’re dead’ tour. They posted some pictures together on social media, and there was one picture of Brianna twerking on Josh that got people talking. Fans were convinced that Josh and Brianna […]

Are Josh Richards and Brianna Lapaglia Secretly Dating?

So, Josh Richards has a colorful dating history. And that is to say, he has dated and had public breakups with quite a few women! And the TikTok star’s most recent breakup with Nessa Barrett still rings true for many fans. The BFFs Podcast co-host and co-founder of Ani Energy have now sparked new dating […]

Nessa Barrett defends Chase Hudson on Josh Richards’ Podcast

Josh Richards started BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy a few weeks back. Dave is an American internet celebrity and founder of Barstool Sports. He also interviewed President Donald Trump this year. And as per Dave, he wasn’t that nervous at the time of interviewing the President. In fact, he claims he was more nervous interviewing […]

Chase Hudson responds to “Josh Richards dissing his style”

Josh Richards, who has a one-sided beef with Chase Hudson for quite a while now, recently started his new podcast. The BFFs podcast is co-hosted by Josh and Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports. Since the first episode came out, Dave Portnoy is enjoying the backlash from Chase Hudson and Nessa Barrett’s fans. If you have […]

Nessa Barrett & Chase Hudson fans cancel Dave Portnoy & Josh Richards

Dave Portnoy is a 43-years-old Internet celebrity who founded Barstool Sports. On the other hand, Josh Richards is a famous tiktoker/triller-er, YouTuber and a podcast host now. We all remember all the dramas and controversies Josh has been a part of. The last few months have done a lot to boost his followership. Even though […]