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Danielle Cohn faces backlash for commenting on Zoe LaVerne’s scandal

Danielle Cohn, the internet personality and singer, is not a stranger to controversies and scandals. She has faced some issues after gaining fame. And if someone knows how age-gaps can become controversial, it’s definitely her. Danielle is still facing her “real age” controversy. She is claimed to be 16. However, when her current boyfriend Mikey […]

Danielle Cohn explains her tattoos and regrets

Danielle Cohn is one of the youngest controversial YouTubers, with a single controversy revolving around her real age. Otherwise, she is a very interesting content creator who has a loyal fan base. Whether she is 14 or 16, that is still a question. However, she is getting tattoos from quite some time now. And it […]

Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua are engaged?

Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua have proved time and again that they are inseparable. They are focusing to be the next power couple on the internet, even though Danielle is still under 18. Mikey has been living with Danielle’s family for quite some time now. He even turned 18 while being with Dani, and she […]

Loren Gray claps back at Danielle Cohn on Instagram

Loren Gray is a famous American social media personality and a singer. Loren has more than 47 million followers on TikTok. In fact, at one point, she was also the most-followed individual on TikTok before Charli D’Amelio broke her record. Recently, she released official music video of her latest single, Alone. While many people love […]

Danielle Cohn accidentally revealed her real age

Just when we all thought there will be a break in the controversies revolving around Danielle Cohn, there comes another one. Danielle is one of the youngest TikTok stars and internet personalities. Her age has always been an issue because of the different statements provided by her parents. Danielle lives with her mother Jennifer Archambault […]

Danielle Cohn’s boyfriend Mikey Tua drops his first single Hello

Danielle Cohn might be on her way to become the next Kim Kardashian. That’s what some of her fans and even her non-fans believe. She has faced many controversies in her life. However, she is trying to do the right thing now and stay more focused on creating interesting content for her viewers. Recently, she […]

Ethan Fair confirms he will not expose Danielle Cohn & “the lies”

Danielle Cohn has been making the headline for a few days now. The famous TikToker with most controversial age, Dani, confirmed her ab*rtion rumors recently. Before that, many people have been calling her out to state the truth publicly. There have been hints of the ab*rtion in her TikToks and the tattoo she got in […]