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Manny Mua has a message for Anti-Lockdown Protesters

With COVID-19 affecting lives every hour of the day, it is crucial to play your role in keeping those around you safe. And it is not even a tough job! All you really have to do is stay at home and relax. While most of us adhere to the precautions, there are some who do […]

Why are Americans protesting against coronavirus lockdown?

The USA has always been the odd one out, whatever list you might be looking at. It’s the only developed country without a single-payer healthcare system. The country with the most incarcerated people per unit population. It spends more on the military than all of its allies COMBINED. However, Trump is now leading the world […]

Coronavirus may give us a Marvel-DC Crossover

The coronavirus has not been kind to anyone. Almost 3 million people filed for unemployment benefits in the US alone. However, one suffering industry is on the sidelines here. And yes, we are talking about the print industry. Comics have been in downfall since the start of the century. But even digital copies cannot save […]