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Controversial Video of Logan Paul Look Alike Revealed

Like him or hate him; Logan Paul is always making headlines. And mostly for all the wrong reasons. From filming a dead body from the suicide forest in Japan and then posting it online, to announcing he’s “going gay” for a month, Logan Paul surely knows how to make a name for himself. He is […]

Kevin Hart Blames Carmen | Is He Being a Little Unfair?

The star of The Upside Down and upcoming Netflix Documentary series, Don’t F–k This Up, is in the news again. Kevin Hart, who is still recovering from a severe car-crash, is currently in a legal battle (which started back in June) against Carmen Marrero. The woman claims that she was seriously injured when Hart and […]

Conspiracy About BTS | Jungkook’s Car Crash Being Hidden From Public?

Now, we all know that a massive cult following the kpop group BTS has. It has earned an international following thanks to its relatable lyrics and elaborate dance sequences. However, a conspiracy is surrounding the BTS band. A popular YouTuber Keemstar, known to expose secrets and truths, has shared that BTS’ Jungkook caused a car […]

Why Fans Are Furious About GQ Magazine Cover of Serena Williams

Controversy has booked a special place in Serena Williams’ life. Whenever she escapes one social media storm, there is another social media outrage already waiting for her. This time Serena Williams made it to the cover of the GQ magazine. However certain aspects of the GQ magazine cover has her fans furious. The GQ Magazine […]