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Podfather Adam Curry Explains Big Google Conspiracy Theory

Adam Curry aka the Podfather explains his big Google Conspiracy Theory to Joe Rogan on YouTube’s JRE Clips. The 55-year-old No Agenda podcaster believes that the search engine giant‘s conception was planned and ensured by the CIA. He gives a rather interesting insight into the Keyhole acquisition by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In-Q-Tel, Satellite […]

Shane Dawson Makeup Conspiracy Videos in the works

Shane Dawson was the father of YouTube because of his in-depth docuseries. The series features the likes of Jeffree Star, Jake Paul, Eugenia Cooney, and Tana Mongeau. Now, Dawson is now a certified member of the dramatic beauty community of YouTube. After releasing his makeup collection and series with Jeffree Star, he launched a YouTube […]

Conspiracy About BTS | Jungkook’s Car Crash Being Hidden From Public?

Now, we all know that a massive cult following the kpop group BTS has. It has earned an international following thanks to its relatable lyrics and elaborate dance sequences. However, a conspiracy is surrounding the BTS band. A popular YouTuber Keemstar, known to expose secrets and truths, has shared that BTS’ Jungkook caused a car […]