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Tyga Promotes His OnlyFans Account

Celebrities making their OnlyFans Accounts are not a big deal. However, celebrities like Tyga have come up with unique ways to promote their accounts. Related: Tyga On A Roll With New Album Legendary You must be wondering how exactly Tyga decided to promote his account. Well, you must have heard about Chris Evans’ manhood circling […]

Chris Evans Joining Instagram was for Charity Amid Coronavirus

Captain America, our Chris Evans, landed on Instagram along with six Marvel’s The Avengers superheroes for another notable cause. It’s for a charitable cause amid coronavirus pandemic. Now, fans can win a virtual hang-out with their favorite stars. Moreover, whatever money is raised in this cause will help the people affected by Coronavirus Pandemics. Chris […]

Fake Chris Evans Is Taking Money From Fans

Chris Evans, Hollywood’s handsome and loved actor, also famously known as ‘Captain America’ from Marvel movies, just had to make an important clarification to his fans. Apparently, a fake Chris Evans has been going around and asking for money on the Internet. Yikes! Related: Chris Evans Shows Love For Dogs On The Set Of ‘Knives […]

Chris Evans Shows Love For Dogs On The Set Of ‘Knives Out’

Exhilarating has a new meaning in Chris Evan’s dictionary. It indicates spending some playful time with those adorable dogs from the upcoming Rian Johnson’s black comedy Knives Out. The Thanksgiving treat casts Daniel Craig, Ana De Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, (Captain America Fame) Chris Evans -Plus two cuddly canines. Related: Fake Chris Evans Is Taking […]