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Rapper T.I.’s daughter Deyjah Harris was molested?

A couple of months ago, the public got to know that Deyjah Harris has to go take a yearly virginity test because of her father T.I. This lead to much bashing of T.I. as they called this move a violation of Deyjah’s rights. Moreover, Deyjah also unfollowed her father on Instagram amid the drama. Now, […]

Machelle Hobson | YouTuber Mom Jailed For Child Abuse Dies

YouTube is an exciting platform for anyone looking for fame in creativity and skills. Some people take this way too seriously by forgetting ethics and focussing only on this newfound fame. Brooke Houts, for example, allegedly hit her dog to make it do tricks for her YouTube channel. Similarly, Machelle Hobson, a YouTuber mom running […]