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Top 8 Action Comedy Movies on Netflix Right Now

Action-Comedies are the perfect genre to go for when you want to watch something thrilling but also light at the same time. Something you can turn to when you just want to unwind and relax after a long day. Action-Comedy is a genre loved by many, with many movies and tv shows about it being […]

Mena Massoud And Naomi Scott Are Longing For The Aladdin Days

It seems that both Aladdin(Mena Massoud) and his princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott ) are terribly missing each other. Currently, Both the actors are collecting the fortunes of Disney’s third live-action animated transformation ‘Aladdin’. Related: Will Smith To Star In Live Action Aladdin Naomi Scott And Mena Massoud Pine For the Aladdin Days Aladdin Princess Naomi […]