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Chris Evans Joining Instagram was for Charity Amid Coronavirus

Captain America, our Chris Evans, landed on Instagram along with six Marvel’s The Avengers superheroes for another notable cause. It’s for a charitable cause amid coronavirus pandemic. Now, fans can win a virtual hang-out with their favorite stars. Moreover, whatever money is raised in this cause will help the people affected by Coronavirus Pandemics. Chris […]

Avengers Star Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Throws Shade At Marvel

The Marvel Cinematic Universe star Sebastian Stan, who plays as Bucky Barnes, apparently doesn’t like how things turned out in the storyline for his character. Now, he may have not openly criticized the film studio, but he does throw shade at them in one particular, very subtle and vague manner. The star was initially part […]

Fake Chris Evans Is Taking Money From Fans

Chris Evans, Hollywood’s handsome and loved actor, also famously known as ‘Captain America’ from Marvel movies, just had to make an important clarification to his fans. Apparently, a fake Chris Evans has been going around and asking for money on the Internet. Yikes! Related: Chris Evans Shows Love For Dogs On The Set Of ‘Knives […]

Chris Evans Loves Rick And Morty, Will He Land A Guest-Voice Offer?

Rick And Morty may not have set a release date for its season 4, but it certainly isn’t something that can prevent it from finding celebrity love every now and then.  First Kanye West came out to confess that the Adult Swim animated comedy was his favourite show. And now, Avengers’ Captain America Chris Evans […]