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Harry Jowsey & Bryce Hall Share a Kiss Again!

So, Harry Jowsey and Bryce Hall have a track record of kissing each other. And the two former Sway House members have been caught on camera kissing a bunch of times. So what we are going to share next, is definitely not going to be a surprise! And the Too Hot To Handle star, Harry […]

Bryce Hall Calls His Thing His “Little Boy”

Well, there are a few things in life we can foresee. However, most things catch us by surprise. And we’re left wondering, “what the actual f***?!” Prepare yourself for something in the latter category. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re sure you never saw this coming, because neither did we. In this very special article, we’re gonna […]

Bryce Hall Says Josh Richards Roast About His Dad Was Fu*ked Up

Families are complicated. And when they get brought up in conversation, things can get very awkward. So, when Josh Richards made a joke about Bryce Hall’s dad, Bryce definitely didn’t appreciate it. And this was part of the controversial event The Roast of Bryce Hall. Related: Bryce Hall Confirms He Hooked Up With Josie Canseco […]

Josie Canseco Had To Fake All Her Org*sms With Bryce Hall

Oh well!! I don’t even know from where I should start. As you all know that fans wanted “THE ROAST OF BRYCE HALL” to drop ASAP. Because they all were getting exhausted for waiting this long for such an epic roast, and that too of a very controversial personality. Now before we go any further, […]

Bryce Hall And Riley Hubatka are Partying together on a Yacht!

Since July 2021, rumors of TikTok star Bryce Hall and influencer Riley Hubatka are dating have been going strong. These two started off right after Bryce’s on-and-off going relationship with TikToker Addison Rae finally ended after tons of cheating rumors. And the start, of these rumors with Riley, stems from Bryce kissing a mystery girl […]

Bryce Hall Is Going To Be Fighting the Island Boys

It seems that Bryce Hall is going to be back in the boxing ring again. For weeks, he has been feuding with Island Boys after poking fun at them. In a group call set up by Drama Alert, the TikToker challenged the twins to a boxing match. Now he claims that the match might be […]

Why Bryce Hall & Faith Ordway Are Having Online Beef

Recently, Bryce Hall got in a fight with TikToker, Faith Ordway. While they both were set to film a hot tub live stream for Twitch, she walked out of it last minute. In a series of TikToks, she accused Hall of pressuring her to kiss him. Despite her refusing to do it, he kept insisting […]