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Fans calls out Malu Trevejo for photoshopping her “peach”

In a surprising turn of events, Malu Trevejo is facing backlash for reasons other than “misleading” OnlyFans posts. The Instagram model and singer is still sharing her thoughts on the whole Ryan García drama. However, that’s a separate issue. For now, she is facing backlash on “failed Photoshop” attempt of making her peach look rounder […]

Sam Smith Embraces Body Positivity

With the New Year, we see many celebrities reflecting on their personal developments. The renowned ‘Stay with me’ singer, Sam Smith joins the gang! We know that Sam Smith doesn’t have a lean body that you see on Calvin Klein models. However, societal perception of what is a “good body” holds back many from being […]

Jonah Marais Talks About Self Love

Insecurities and self-doubt are things that are too common in teenagers today. We’re always trying to be like someone else and are always doubting our self-worth. As a coping mechanism, we look up to celebrities. We want to be like them and follow what they do. We put them on a pedestal and forget that […]

Why Lindsay Lohan Got Naked On Instagram

33 might be the new 22! ‘Mean Girls’ star, Lindsay Lohan has come a long way since that movie. Right before her 33rd birthday, Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to post a naked picture of herself. She took the photo in front of what looks like a full-length mirror in her bedroom. She can be […]