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Shane Dawson Diss track by itsRucka features Blaire White

Blaire White and Shane Dawson were really good friends. Their fans knew about them being close, especially when Blaire had Shane on her channel when she opened up about her se*ual assault story. But Blaire White is also known for exposing online predators and pedophiles. One of the examples of her going after someone is […]

Is Blaire White putting Transgender people in danger?

The LGBTQ+ Community has been facing discrimination issues from many years. Even though we are living in the 21st century, there are many people in the world who are still against the LGBTQ+ community. One of the social activists, Blaire White, has been criticizing other transgender people for quite some while now. Just recently, she […]

Shane Dawson says he molested kids when he was young in old clip

The YouTube community has been embroiled in drama recently. The man who was deemed the ‘King of YouTube’ has fallen from his throne. The internet was canceling Shane Dawson again for his old pedophilic jokes and Blackface jokes. He addressed the issues in a video but shortly after, two dramas befell the YouTuber. One of […]

Blaire White Condemns Shane Dawson’s actions and calls him monster

As we all know, Shane Dawson’s career is taking a major blow. This is due to the resurfacing of his old problematic behavior. Shane’s old videos show him making racist, homophobic, and pedophilic jokes in the past. Recently, a video of him making an awful joke targeted at a then eleven-year-old Willow Smith has made […]

Pedophile Jessica Yaniv Twitter Account Banned

Pedophile Jessica Yaniv has finally gone to jail and her Twitter account has been banned as well. This is certainly a piece of good news in these dark times. Jessica was previously posing as a transgender woman who has, on many times, sent inappropriate messages to underage girls. After being arrested, now comes the news […]

Blaire White: “Dysmorphia replaced my dysphoria”

Blaire White opened up about her eating disorder with a special video with Trisha Paytas. Fans got to see a side of Blaire White that many people were seeing for the very first time. In an emotional video, we came to know that Blaire White’s gender dysphoria transformed into body dysmorphia when she transitioned into […]

No, a Pedophile was not Released From Jail After Becoming transgender

A convicted pedophile who molested 15 children aged 1-15 was released from prison after completing their sentence. In the city of Iowa, pedophiles and sexual predators can be held by the court beyond their prison terms. Though, that only happens when it can be proved that they are likely to re-offend. Due to the sex […]

Child Predator Jessica Yaniv Exposed by Blaire White Again

Not long ago, Blaire White revealed some shocking facts and details about Jessica Yaniv. Yaniv, who is apparently a transgender activist was exposed by White as a predatory pedophile. She even shared some messages sent by Yaniv to minors and told people to watch out. She is back with another video to reiterate the case. […]