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What Is Juneteenth And What Does It Stand For In America?

Were you also among those who have been searching for Juneteenth on Google? It turns out that there are many people who have been searching for this term as it trended on social media on June 19th, 2020. The day marks as the oldest holiday in the United States of America, marketing an end to […]

Anna Wintour On Vogue’s ”Hurtful and Intolerant” Moments

Anna Wintour is a British journalist who has been Vogue’s editor-in-chief since 1988. She is also the Artistic Director for Vogue’s publisher, Conde Nast since 2013. Related: Anna Wintour On Valentine’s Gifts Ideas And More In light of the events that followed after George Floyd’s brutal murder, Anna acknowledges that Vogue hasn’t found enough ways […]

Terry Crews Responds to Backlash On “Black Supremacy” Tweet

Amidst all the chaos, Terry Crews wrote a tweet that had all the right intentions. But it wasn’t structured properly. Which led to some obvious backlash. Related: Kylie Cosmetics Reveals Its Percentage of Black Employees The actor shared his thoughts on racial injustice but ended up trending on Twitter. And not in a positive way. […]

Taylor Swift: Voting Is Vital To Fight ”Police Brutality and Racism”

Taylor Swift is using her privilege and her platform to stress something important. And that is voting. Keep reading to find out why Taylor thinks it’s so important for people to vote. Related: Every Celebrity Participating in BLM Protests The singer took to Twitter to write, “Racial injustice has been ingrained deeply into local and […]

Harry Styles postpones Love on Tour

What has COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic not taken from us? While some countries are on their way to recovery, we know that the United States of America is not one of them. Due to this, America may not see a return in their regular pace of life anytime soon. While the lockdown is eased and […]

Every Celebrity Participating in BLM Protests

After a black man, George Floyd was brutally murdered by the Minneapolis police officer, people are not staying silent. Thus, people are now out protesting for the BLM movement. Related: Kerry Washington Plans To Change How We Teach Kids Black History However, as people come out to the streets for the BLM protest, celebrities aren’t […]

Kat Graham shares old PSA from Black Lives Matter

Public Service Announcements are one of the more conventional and most effective ways of raising awareness towards matters in the general public. Around two years ago, Kat Graham met J. Walter Thompson’s Chief Creative Director Vann Graves. They met on a plane ride. The two put their heads together as Graves suggested an idea he […]