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Dwayne Johnson confirms Black Adam filming almost complete!

Dwayne Johnson’s highly anticipated upcoming movie Black Adam has just gotten a huge boost. The actor recently confirmed that the production of the movie is almost complete! Known in the WWE as ‘The Rock,’ before pursuing his acting career, Dwayne fought for the WWE/WWF for eight years. However, he then ventured into acting and has […]

Dwayne Johnson gives update about DC’s Black Adam

Let’s be honest, the last decade was not so good for the DC Extended Universe. Batman vs. Superman failed to beat Civil War. Moreover, Justice League was an absolute s**t show if you compare it to the first Avengers. Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey were mediocre successes. Shazam was a good movie overall. However, […]

Black Adam Sequel Will Have Superman In It As Well

Dwayne Johnson made a lengthy post on his Instagram when he first revealed that he will be Black Adam. One of the upcoming DCU projects includes building a story line for Shazam. This means that Black Adam needs to be introduced as an anti-hero in the plot. After “The Rock” announced that he signed up […]

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam | What We Know So Far?

Every young boy or girl grows up dreaming to be a superhero. Sometimes we may have tried to fly or expect that a cool, magic power will suddenly dawn upon us one day. It’s a part of every person’s childhood; avidly reading Marvel or DC Universe comics or watching the newest superhero fantasy film with […]