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Conan O’Brien and Big Mouth’s Nick Kroll Give A Sex-Ed Class

When a class of teenagers is in need of a sex-ed class, who better to give the lecture than a duo of Conan O’Brien and Nick Kroll? The ‘Big Mouth’ creator and star teamed up with O’Brien in hopes to lecture a class of teenagers the to-dos and not-to-dos of sexual anatomy. Since the show, […]

Maury From Big Mouth Goes to Florida

We’ve got to give to Netflix. The streaming company really does knows how to promote their shows. The marketing team that they’ve got is the most innovative. You must be thinking about why we’re praising Netflix’s marketing decisions. Well, for one, we believe in giving credit where it’s due. Secondly, have you all seen Big […]

Jenny Slate Stand Up Special ‘Stage Fright’ Coming to Netflix

Want to see more of Jenny Slate? Well, now you won’t have to rewatch Big Mouth because the actress and comedian is returning to Netflix. And this time around she’s alone. Jenny Slate is returning to Netflix with her standalone comedy stand up special Stage Fright. Related: HBO Comedy Special | Dan Soder Is Coming […]

Queer Eye is going to Cameo in Big Mouth!

10 years after the original series went off the air; Netflix rebooted the “Queer Eye” franchise with a brand new cast and a new location.  It exchanged the jungle of New York City for communities near Atlanta. The characters forge relationships with men and women and give their lives a complete makeover. The show has […]

Big Mouth Season 3 Release Date Revealed

Puberty is hell even when you’re a cartoon character. And who would know it better than Andrew who’s the lead of the animated series on Netflix called Big Mouth? Andrew is voiced by John Mulaney, so if you’ve not seen the animated series yet, go watch it now. And when you’re done with the first […]

Big Mouth Season 3 Is Set To Release On Netflix In The Upcoming Year

‘Big Mouth’ for season 3 is soon going to release on Netflix. Sources have revealed the confirmation of the next season for this nasty comedy. Netflix has refreshed the 10 episode animated show for season three and promises the fresh season will bring some more piss to puberty. How Popular Is The Netflix Comedy Big […]

Big Mouth: An Unflinching Adult Comedy

Big mouth’s pinnacle of success can be credited to its magnetic focus on one gruesome phase of human life. It is not a cartoon much different from several other animated shows on TV. It escapes us out of the bitter realities of the real world and teleports its viewers in a realm of fantasy. Once […]