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Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty Is Out Now | Here are the products!

Selena Gomez is all set to launch her beauty line ‘Rare Beauty’ on the 3rd of September. All the makeup products will be exclusively available on Sephora and Rare Beauty‘s website. Selena first teased the brand ‘Rare Beauty’ in early February. Rare Beauty’ has a versatile range of foundations and concealers. And its mission is […]

NikkieTutorials new palette similar to Jeffree Star’s Conspiracy palette?

As we all know NikkieTutorials has just announced her much-awaited collaboration eyeshadow palette with Beauty Bay, I personally love it so much. Nikkietutorials x Beauty Bay eyeshadow palette has 20 beautiful eyeshades. Which are a mix and match of both matte and glittery pigmented eyeshades! Now comes an interesting part, when Nikkie announced the collaboration […]

NikkieTutorials Teams up with Beauty Bay to create makeup palette

OMG! 2020 is getting better as NikkieTutorials just announced her collaboration with Beauty Bay for a super pigmented eyeshadow palette. Dayum! I was already having a hard time getting over Jeffree Star’s OR*Y and Kylie Jenner’s Sailor Summer eyeshade palette. Now, Nikkie has announced her collab palette with Beauty Bay. And I cannot decide which […]

Addison Rae’s ‘Item Beauty’ Is Out Now

The 19-year-old famous TikTok content creator ‘Addison Rae’ just launched her very own makeup brand ‘Item Beauty’. Her makeup products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. It feels so good to see Gen-Z is taking part in the world of beauty and making people fall in love with the concept of ‘Less is More’. Apart from […]

James Charles Collab with Doja Cat is Iconic!

I think James Charles deserves an award for doing the best collaborations in the beauty community. We have seen a lot of members from the beauty community doing collabs with all sorts of content creators. But James Charles has truly won the race.  And some of his best collaborations are with Kylie Jenner, Ke$ha, The […]

James Charles Does Addison Rae’s Makeup

OMG!! I just came across this video on James Charle’s YouTube channel and this question popped up in my mind, “Am I the only person on planet earth who has friends with 0.2% of makeup skills”. Anyhow, James is working his magic on the very gorgeous & young TikTok star ‘Addison Rae’. And it’s making […]