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Shane Dawson apologizes for Blackface, Pedophilia jokes and James Charles Drama

After Jenna Marbles’ honest video of taking accountability for her actions and making a sudden decision to quit YouTube, Shane Dawson also takes accountability. In a 20 minute video, titled as  ‘Taking Accountability’, Shane sincerely apologizes for all of the past mistakes in his YouTube career. He even apologizes for putting on Blackface, using racial […]

Shane Dawson Makeup Conspiracy Videos in the works

Shane Dawson was the father of YouTube because of his in-depth docuseries. The series features the likes of Jeffree Star, Jake Paul, Eugenia Cooney, and Tana Mongeau. Now, Dawson is now a certified member of the dramatic beauty community of YouTube. After releasing his makeup collection and series with Jeffree Star, he launched a YouTube […]

Will Dolan Twins Talk About James Charles With Shane Dawson?

If you’re following James Charles, you would know that drama follows him almost everywhere. But things took went to a very high level when Tati Westbrook made a video exposing James Charles’ problematic behavior. Charles was apparently flirting with straight men and doing things that made them uncomfortable. Fans speculated that Dolan twins had dealt […]