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James Charles’ New Morphe Palette Sold Out In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Since, the dawn of Youtube, the industry has allowed many content creators to start their very own businesses. From Jeffree Star’s makeup line, to Markiplier and Jacksepticeye new clothing brand, we are now blessed with another make-up artist creating new irresistible make-up brands for us. It’s none other than sister James Charles y’all. He recently […]

Jeffree Star Is Planning For Weed Business

Oh Jeffree Star is launching his Weed business! He decided to launch his own weed business after Michigan state allows the legal use of recreational marijuana. Who Is Jeffree Star? Jeffree star is a being of many talents! Some may know him from his music career from the time of MySpace, and some might know […]

Jeffree Star Shares More Personal Details of His Life

Jeffree Star, the famous YouTuber, just posted a video sharing more personal details of his dark life and after the Shane Dawson’s 5 part series of the secret life of Jeffree Star came out. The makeup star was apprehensive about opening up about his life and of how the audience will react to Shane Dawson’s […]