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David Dobrik becomes most generous YouTuber amid pandemic

All right so, amidst this time of chaos and uncertainty, we can use all the generosity and happiness we can find. The world is busy giving to help those affected by lockdown and COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). And it is honestly heartwarming. But today, let us talk about another heartwarming human who we find just as […]

David Dobrik Finally Surprises New Assistant With A Car

David Dobrik, the YouTuber leading the Vlog Squad, has surprised many of his friends and fans. He has paid off student debts, given friends the best wedding gifts as well as surprised his friends with dream cars. In fact, his assistant and BFF Natalie Noel has received two cars by now. If you are a […]

David Dobrik Catches Todd With Assistant Natalie?

David Dobrik and his assistant + best friend + not-a-lover + not-a-girlfriend Natalie Noel are the real BFF goals. The famous YouTuber is always pulling pranks on her. But, we all know he adores her as well. That’s why he has not only gifted her a Mercedes in 2018, a Ford in 2019, and a […]