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The Iron Mask | Plot, Cast, Release Date

Basically, The Iron Mask is a sequel to the famous Russian fantasy film Viy (2014). But more importantly, the sequel of the film features the famous action heroes from our childhood. Indeed, we are talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan. In August 2019, the movie was released in China. In September 2019, the film […]

Calum Von Moger Exposed? | Kenny KO Interview and the DNA Paternity Test

Calum Von Moger(Mr. Universe 2014-2015) allegedly tried hiding this from everyone but the DNA Paternity Test has revealed everything. In a recent interview with YouTube’s Kenny KO(Kenny Boulet), a woman(Nicola Segura) has claimed that Von Moger is the father of her 5-year-old son, Kairos. The Australian bodybuilder, however, doesn’t want the world to know about […]