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Animal Rights

PETA’s disturbing and graphic dissection post angers Twitter

PETA, an organization made to protects animals. PETA stands for ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’. They are often there to stand up for the voiceless animals who are facing torture and abuse. However, they recently made a Twitter post that many people bashed. The post included something disturbing and something that many think […]

Animal Poaching In 2020

Back in 2017,  two white giraffes caught the attention of the general public because of their Alabaster color. They were seen at a fully coastal habitat, known as The Sanctuary. For all those people who don’t know, The Sanctuary is home to a lot of rare marine and tellurian species. Sadly, they were victims of […]

Why Paul Wesley Respects Joaquin Phoenix

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are all the rage this week. With actors winning and partying, there has been a lot to report. However, here’s a fun fact about Joaquin Phoenix, he skipped the after-party at Sunset Tower for an entirely unrelated cause. So, Phoenix is Joker from the groundbreaking 2019 hit film, Joker. Joaquin […]