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Alx James calls out Gabbie Hanna for “overdramatizing” everything

Its been an year since Gabbie Hanna’s ex-best friend, Alx James, “exposed” her. Back then, Alx called out Gabbie to kill her “inner monster”. he wanted her to seek medical help, start a therapy and realize what she had been allegedly doing to all the people in her life. Alx believed that Gabbie used him […]

All Gabbie Hanna Drama that led to her Social Media Hiatus

The month of June was not exactly smooth for YouTuber and Singer, Gabbie Hanna with all the drama that blew up online. So, while it may be hard to keep track of everything that was happening daily, we’ll list it out for you to make it easier! Nearing the end of May, Gabbie’s fans had […]

Gabbie Hanna drama with Dustin Dailey – He Cancels her?!

‘Why does the Internet hate Gabbie Hanna and what is with all the drama all the time?’ Well, that is a question the internet cannot answer for the life of it. Mostly because the answer keeps changing. Now, if anyone here is an old follower of Gabbie, you know she was the best of friends […]

Alx James claps back at Gabbie Hanna, alliance set with Trisha Paytas

Well, this escalated unexpectedly. Gabbie Hanna came out with a video, (no, not the EP), addressing all her feuds with Jessi Smiles, Trisha Paytas and Alx James. While she was at it, she shared her side of the story, her receipts and her POV. Moreover, Gabbie also addressed the racism allegation she is facing when […]

Gabbie Hanna Gets Exposed By Another Ex-Friend, Alx James

Gabbie Hanna is going through a really tough life these days. Or, let us rephrase it as Gabbie Hanna is enjoying her latest song release-Broken Girls, however; the internet is trying to actually break this girl. The issue is, Gabbie has deleted all her controversial previous Tweets, which has triggered the internet army into finding […]