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The Umbrella Academy Parody Is Brilliant | Don’t Miss It

Netflix’s show The Umbrella Academy season 1 came out earlier this year. And it already divided the fans into two teams, one who really loved it while the others who didn’t like it. Well, hate it or not, it couldn’t stop the show from becoming one of the most binged shows on Netflix. Even though […]

Aidan Gallagher Is Excited For “My Chemical Romance’s Return”

Aidan Gallagher, a rising singer, musician and the amazing number 5 from The Umbrella Academy, is truly inspired by My Chemical Romance. In fact, My Chemical Romance has a great impact on Gallagher’s music career. He is the famous time-traveler Number 5 of Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy and Gerard Way is the backbone of […]

Aidan Gallagher For You Music Video Releasing on 14th June

  Aidan Gallagher is perfectly balancing his roles as both the musician and an actor. He is currently shooting for season 2 of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy in Toronto. That’s not it. Gallagher has just dropped his single For You few days back and now he is all set to release the official music video […]

Aidan Gallagher Releasing “For You” On 7th June

Aidan Gallagher is on his journey to become a true star. His focus is mostly on his music career and environmentalism since The Umbrella Academy wrapped up its season 1. He has released three tracks this year and the 4th one is coming out in 10 days. The track titled For You is set to […]

Exclusive Interview With Rising Talent Trinity Rose

Trinity Rose is an aspiring singer and songwriter who has been on The Voice’s Season 12. She is a rising talent and has recently collaborated with The Umbrella’s Academy Aidan Gallagher to release a new duet titled ‘Miss You’. She sat down with Dankanator to tell us more about how she started her music career […]

Trinity Rose & Aidan Gallagher Duet ‘Miss You’ Is Out Now!

After much waiting, the new single of The Voice’s Trinity Rose and The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher, ‘Miss You’, is finally here. The duo had been collaborating on the their new song for quite a while now. Teasers started coming in right from the start of April! Related: The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher Collaborating With […]

Environmentalist Aidan Gallagher Promotes Earth Day the Right Way

Aidan Gallagher is not just an actor and a musician, he is a true environmentalist. He tried to save the world in The Umbrella Academy, a Netflix original series. And fortunately, he is doing the same in real life as well. The world celebrated Earth Day on April 22 and Gallagher highlighted very important issues […]

The Umbrella Academy’s Aidan Gallagher Collaborating With Trinity Rose

Aidan Gallagher, popularly known as Number Five from Netflix Series The Umbrella Academy, is all set to release his new music track. We have certainly been aware of Gallagher’s acting talents, but lately he has been blowing us way with his musical abilities as well.  Gallagher happens to be a passionate singer and guitarist. Related: […]