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Is The Weeknd’s Album A Tribute To Bella Hadid?

While panic sweeps over the world, most people just want to be left alone with their earphones. And that works out quite well for us since self isolation is super important right now. Re: The COVID-19 epidemic. So for all you introverts (and the extroverts forced to stay at home), The Weeknd has a treat […]

The Weeknd After Hours Short Film Inspired By His Love Life?

The Weeknd has been driving XO fans crazy by releasing the Tsunami of his album in the form of droplets. We already have three songs from his new album After Hours, to keep us holding till the album gets released this month. People are coming up with a fusion of song titles, just to kill […]

The Weeknd Relationship Timeline | Bella Hadid & Selena Gomez

The Weeknd is known for songs that are both sad and elusive. We can say the same thing about his on-and-off relationships with Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. After initially connecting with Supermodel Bella Hadid at Coachella in 2015, the couple had multiple makeups and breakups. In fact, they started dating again after The Weeknd’s […]

The Weeknd & Mercedes-Benz Release Blinding Lights

Keeping up to our expectations, The Weeknd has dropped both his new singles this week. First, we listened to the badass (and NSFW) ‘Heartless’ that clearly has many connotations. And now, the much-anticipated ‘Blinding Lights’  and its music video, which is also a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, is out. Abel Tesfaye served it all and now […]

The ‘Heartless’ Weeknd’s First Track Is NSFW AF

Honestly, when I saw the viral “artwork” of The Weeknd’s Heartless, the first track from his new album, I was seriously doubting the “Parental Advisory” warning. But, damn, that song is seriously NSFW AF. It’s not safe for work, for home if you live with your parents, and not safe for the kids at all. […]

The Weeknd | New Music Album & Mercedes-Benz Film

Fall is over folks. The Weeknd is coming, just in time for ThanksGiving. Remember when Abel Tesfaye tweeted asking about when fall will be over, and we just knew a new album is about to get dropped? Well, turns out we really know our favorite artist all too well. A new album is on its […]