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Netflix has transformed the show-business world in ways no one could have imaged. From big A list stars getting their own original series in Netflix to YouTubers also holding a spot for themselves, we see new and interesting content that traditional media wouldn’t have so easily given a platform. We help you sift through the amazing world of Netflix.

Why Netflix Bird Box Is Doing Wonders Despite Lukewarm Critical Reviews

The weird thing about Netflix recent post apocalyptic movie Bird Box is that despite scornful reviews it is still getting a noticeable media and audience attention. The biggest problem is people are particularly thrilled by the monster on Netflix Bird Box, although you can hardly call that one a monster. Like some very sophisticated horror […]

What To Watch On Netflix This Christmas

If you are looking for what to watch on Netflix this Christmas, we have got some picks sorted out well for you. Netflix is helming several Christmas Special features over the holidays including, Watership Down, The Innocent Man, Princess Switch, The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Christmas Special. Selecting a perfect watch just got a lot […]