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Netflix has transformed the show-business world in ways no one could have imaged. From big A list stars getting their own original series in Netflix to YouTubers also holding a spot for themselves, we see new and interesting content that traditional media wouldn’t have so easily given a platform. We help you sift through the amazing world of Netflix.

When is Grace and Frankie Season 6 Coming Out?

The iconic duo of Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda  graced our Netflix screens again with Grace and Frankie’s 5th season on 18th January 2019 after a exactly a year of waiting.  It’s safe to say that the fifth season was a rollercoaster full of emotional moments that make you cry tears of joy and sadness […]

Cole Sprouse And KJ Apa Go Naked On Riverdale Tonight

Are you all excited for the upcoming episode of Riverdale tomorrow? Well if not then you MUST be. Because what this episode has in store for you is probably something we have all been craving for. Is the Gargoyle King getting revealed? Well, obviously not. And trust me, it is not the reason why we […]

Where’s Sabrina’s Twin On The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina certainly became addictive to watch despite its dark and odd deviations from the original sitcom. The original, Sabrina the teenage witch show featuring Melissa Joan Hart show showcased a young teenage witch just having whimsical and light-hearted adventures. But just as how CW’s Riverdale took a dark turn on Archie’s […]