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Netflix has transformed the show-business world in ways no one could have imaged. From big A list stars getting their own original series in Netflix to YouTubers also holding a spot for themselves, we see new and interesting content that traditional media wouldn’t have so easily given a platform. We help you sift through the amazing world of Netflix.

When is One Of Us Lying Season 2 Coming To Netflix?

One of us is Lying season 2 has officially premiered and fans are really excited to watch the new show. However, only US viewers can watch it on the Peacock streaming service. Thankfully, for the rest of the world, Netflix has also bought the rights to the show. Season 1 is already available to stream […]

Zombie TV Shows And Movies To Watch On Netflix

Be it science fiction, action, thriller, horror, comedy, or even romance, ‘Netflix’ have all zombie-related films and television shows. The subgenre is incredibly versatile. The ability of the genre to develop allows both writers and actors to show off their skills and originality. With the recent buzz surrounding zombie-themed projects, there are countless options available with just one […]

Best Ryan Reynolds Movies To Watch On Netflix

The 45-Year-Old American-Canadian actor is easily the wittiest and most sarcastic actor. From his banter with his wife, Blake Lively, to his one-liners, be it in real life or in his film, the actor is best known for them. Following an early career in television, which included a starring role on the hilariously termed “Two […]

Best Feminist Movies And TV Shows To Watch Online

Over the years, we have witnessed the growth in women’s empowerment and it is the best thing ever. After centuries of being oppressed and treated like they were ‘less’, women started taking up a stand for themselves and showing what they are truly capable of. In this time and age, woman empowerment is definitely highlighted […]

Best Fantasy Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

You must admit we all have wanted to live in a fantasy world at some point in our life because reality was just too much to handle. This is why fantasy movies exist! For a few hours, one can drown themself in a fantasy land and forget all about the real world. This fascinating genre […]

Best 90s Action Movies On Netflix In 2022

The 90s was a great era for cinema with actors like Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt ruling the theaters. Not only was the 90s popular for their cinema, some of the greatest action movies of all time were also made in the 90s like Terminator, the Matrix, and even Mission Impossible. […]

Top 5 Netflix Shows to Watch This Summer

Netflix, the widely used online streaming service, releases content every month. Be it a crime drama, a docuseries, or even a little dark comedy, Netflix is sure to offer something for everyone. This month is no exception either, with new releases coming in every other day. There are many anticipated releases coming up. Here are […]

Best Adventure Movies You Must Watch

Nothing is better than sitting on a couch on a dull day and putting on an adventure movie. It’s always an experience and leaves one filled with joy and excitement. The best kind of thrill can mostly be obtained from horror or adventure movies. There are innumerable adventure movies in Hollywood that define true excellence, […]

A List Of The Best Vampire Movies on Netflix

Vampire Movies are a genre that will never die, there is just something that is so fun about watching the blood-sucking creatures wreak havoc everywhere they go. This genre has not just grown in popularity now, these movies date all the way back to the early 1920s. And today we are here with a list […]

Top 8 Action Comedy Movies on Netflix Right Now

Action-Comedies are the perfect genre to go for when you want to watch something thrilling but also light at the same time. Something you can turn to when you just want to unwind and relax after a long day. Action-Comedy is a genre loved by many, with many movies and tv shows about it being […]