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Since the world has given rise to so many genres in music, we see new styles and artists everyday. We will help you skim through the plethora of music news to provide you with the ones you need. Plus, we keep you updated on all the events and incidents that occur in the music industry. Stay tuned!

Did Grimes just Shade Elon Musk In New Song ‘Player of Games’?

It’s not a new concept for musicians to write and sing about their love life, the highs and even the lows. However, the songs become especially interesting when the musician is talking about a failed relationship with someone the public already knows about. Just look at the Weeknd and his songs people think are about […]

Shawn Mendes Releases ‘It’ll Be Okay’, a Bittersweet & beautiful Break-up Song After Camila Cabello Split

When Shawn Mendes and Camila collaborated on song ‘Señorita’, people started to assume something was going on between the two singers that claimed they were just friends. And it turns out the suspicions were right because right after the release of ‘Señorita’, Shawn and Camila officially became the music industry’s hottest couple. Everyone fell in […]