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We give you the latest and important news you need to know about the YouTube community. From your favorite YouTubers bringing you new and unique quality content to the most hilarious of online challenges, we give you our views on the most growing online community of today.

Will Shane Dawson’s Net Worth in 2020 be affected following drama?

Following the multiple dramas that YouTuber Shane Dawson went through, his career took a hit. Not only were his YouTube channels demonetized, but his other sources of income were affected too. Target pulled his books from their shelves and his Conspiracy Palette with Jeffree Star is no longer selling at Morphe stores either. It looks […]

How Ethan Dolan climbed out of his Acne Depression

AThe highly anticipated Dolan twins video is finally here. The twins were talking about filming a very serious video that features Ethan Dolan’s storyline. Even though many thought and wondered it could be about James Charles or Shane Dawson, it’s about neither. It’s actually related to Ethan’s Dolan acne issues that led him into a […]

Is Nessa Barrett creating more issues for herself?

Josh Richards’s ex-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett, has been into some back-to-back issues from the last few months. In 1st quarter of 2020, they were officially one of the cutest couples on TikTok. But some messy things happened, Chase Hudson broke the bro code and sent Nessa an explicit image while she was still in a relationship […]

Why Joey Graceffa broke up with Daniel Preda after 6 years

The popular YouTuber couple has announced their break-up. Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa were one of the most beloved LGBTQ couples that fans got to see on the platform. Many are heartbroken seeing the two parts ways. Joey and Daniel also reveal that in reality, they had broken up 3 months after their actual breakup […]

James Charles wants David Dobrik to be his new Creative Director!

Even though James Charles’ name is involved in multiple scandals right now, his career is having a great time. His YouTube Reality Series, Instant Influencer, got the confirmation for a season 2. Moreover, he recently hit 20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Now, in another twist of news, James Charles expresses a desire for […]

Dolan Twins tease new special video that’s personal to Ethan Dolan

The Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson Dolan, are popular for their lighthearted and often comedic videos. But they have shown their deep side in some videos, one of which even talked about their father’s death. Now, they are teasing another different kind of video which is personal to Ethan Dolan. Related: Kevin Hart Beats Dolan […]

Did Jeffree Star make Ex Boyfriend Nathan Schwandt sign an NDA?

As we all know that Jeffree Star parted ways with his long term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in early January. The beauty guru even posted a video on his YouTube channel to announce the news of his break up publicly. Jeffree has even addressed his ex-boyfriend Nathan Schwandt a couple of times in his videos and […]

Charli D’Amelio apologizes to Chase Hudson & Nessa Barrett

The TikTok community faced the biggest drama in its history just a couple of days ago. It broke the internet due to the people involved in the drama have a huge number of followers. Sway House boys unfollowed the “fake people” in their life, that led to Chase Hudson tweeting that he is facing the […]

Jeffree Star releases new product whilst ignoring Shane Dawson drama

Jeffree Star has still not addressed the recent drama happening in his beauty community of YouTube. He was once a major influencer in that circle. And now, he’s lost all his trust as Tati Westbrook and several other YouTubers have revealed him to have a manipulative nature. He has not responded to those allegations as […]