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Since the world has given rise to so many genres in music, we see new styles and artists everyday. We will help you skim through the plethora of music news to provide you with the ones you need. Plus, we keep you updated on all the events and incidents that occur in the music industry. Stay tuned!

Josh Richards uses Noah Beck as clickbait in his recent vlog

Now you all must be thinking why Josh Richards is using Noah Beck as a clickbait in his recent vlog. Well, it might just be to garner some attention and views. Or it may have something to do with the recent drama involving Griffin Johnson shading Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck in his new song. […]

The Tragic Life Story of Britney Spears | Her Disturbing Past

It looks like there might have been another story to Britney Spears’ hit “Lucky” than the world originally knew. The singer has spent most of her adult life in the spotlight and unfortunately, most attention she got was for the mistakes she made. It was hard for fans to understand how the pop queen fell […]

J.Lo & Maluma’s collab for Pa Ti and Lonely is fire

This year 2020 is surely dropping some cool as sh*t collaborations. And two of our favorite singers who happen to be none other than the very gorgeous J.Lo and sizzling hot Maluma collab for a double treat. And this double treat is not only these two beautiful singers collaborating with each other. But also because […]

Little Mix nails cover of Harry Styles’ Falling

An unexpected X-factors band collab? We would be utterly thrilled! One Direction members have quite the history with fellow female band Little Mix. And it really shows. Little Mix member Perrie Edwards and Bradford bad boy, Zayn Malik have an extensive romantic history. The two met in 2011  when the 1D boys performed on the […]

When Joji’s new song Ew is not Ew at all

Joji released his new album Nectar today. And we cannot have enough of it. Every track makes you click on the replay button again and again. While like you do is about a lover you cannot live without, Ew is a song where Joji is trying to find somebody to love. The title is Ew, […]

Joji’s Like You Do will render you speechless

Joji, or George Kusunoki Miller, has finally released his album Nectar. From last few days, he was on a teaser-role, and the fans were anxiously waiting for this Friday to arrive. Nectar was scheduled for a Friday release, on September 25, 2020. If COVID didn’t happen then we might have had this album with us […]

BTS Taking over the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon for a whole week

OMG! I cannot keep calm because BTS is taking over ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ for a whole week. We all loved BTS’ first appearance on the show back in 2018 and their Fortnite Dance Challenge was totally hilarious. Oh, and the BTS boys reappeared on the show six months ago for the first-ever […]