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Talha Waseem

Senior Contributing Writer. Talha has written for a number of different media platforms. His content is published in Nerve Center, Indus News, where he wrote about Science and Technology, and in Parhlo where he wrote about politics, news and daily trends. He favours the rule of "live, and let live" and stresses on the need for an empathic society.

Marvel Revealed The Status Of Infinity Stones From Avengers: Endgame

Whether it was intentional or something that Internet has caught, but Marvel has just confirmed the status of all the Infinity Stones which were such an integral part of all previous phases of its movies. Right until Avengers: Endgame, the Stones were the source of true energy, that is until Mr. Stark did something no […]

Glee Used Dummies: TikTok User Exposes How The Show

How would you feel if you see that a television show is using dummies instead of actual seat filler extras to cover its scenes? Apparently this is what Glee was doing and a random TikTok user exposed them it the best of ways. It has been eight years since Glee wrapped their comedy-drama show. One […]

Carl Reiner Dies At 98 – A Longtime Comedy Master

The comedy master and legend Carl Reiner died at age 98, as announced by his son Rob Reiner. The actor, writer, director, and producer, who has credits in masterpieces like The Dick Van Dyke Show and The 2000-Year-Old Man is no longer with us. The director’s son sent out a tweet to his followers “Last […]

Anthony Mackie Thinks Marvel Has Lack Of Diversity In Movies

Marvel’s Anthony Mackie delivered his thoughts on lack of diversity present behind the scenes at Marvel Studios. The actor, who plays as Falcon and will be starting his story alongside the Winter Soldier, was speaking to Variety when he talked about the Black Lives Matter Movement. It seems like this has become a hot topic […]

Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch Ban Is Unrelated With Brime Streaming Media

Streamer Dr. Disrespect has caught much of the news spotlight in the world of gaming and streaming thanks to Twitch. However, it has followed a controversy regarding Brime, a ‘latest’ streaming media service. Whether or not this website is the cause of the widely-popular unknown ban of Dr. Disrespect or not is of high discussion. […]

Taylor Schilling Confirms She Is Dating Visual CreatorEmily Ritz

Netflix star Taylor Schilling, AKA Piper Chapman from Orange Is The New Black, has confirmed her relationship with visual artist Emily Ritz. The 35-year-old actress uploaded a sweet post on social media where the two were moments away from embracing each other. Ritz uploaded the post during the Pride weekend with a caption “I couldn’t […]

Jason Sudeikis Can’t Remember Punching Baby Yoda In The Mandalorian

The Star Wars spin-off show, The Mandalorian, really brought an outrage from the fans when the cameo star Jason Sudeikis punched Baby Yoda. The Child is truly the most fan-favorite character in the series and everyone is looking hopeful to what will go down in order to find his true home. The engaging storyline really […]

OfflineTV Removes Fed After Sexual Assault Allegation Surfaces

Sexual assault and harassment allegations are coming in like wildfire as more and more people come out after seeing others. This time, OfflineTV’s very own house has been found to have been in disorder as team members Yvonne, Pokimane and LilyPichu accuse Fedmyster. AKA Fed, the OfflineTV member has allegedly sexually assaulted his female team […]