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Noor Usman Rafi

Senior Writer. Born with a passion & flair for words, Noor pursued her aspiration to be a writer and holds a Masters degree in Journalism. She stays updated with pop-culture and pens down her thoughts on the newest books, and television shows. Also a makeup geek, her other likes include reviewing products & creating tutorials. You can find her beauty/lifestyle blog on Instagram @nour.irtiza

James Corden Addresses CoronaVirus Outbreak

In the new episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden, the host took some time to address the coronavirus outbreak. In lieu of the recent health crisis and spread of the deadly viral infections, more and more shows are responding by taking steps for safety. James Corden has also talked about the issue […]

Jimmy Fallon Empty Audience Amid CoronaVirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus epidemic taking over the world and becoming a global health crisis, many shows are changing their formats. Not only are movie shootings getting canceled or postponed, but morning and night talk shows have also changed. Most of these talk shows usually have a live audience in the studio. But as the disease […]

Rose McGowan Slams Ben Affleck For Allegedly Covering Up Her Rape

Harvey Weinstein is not exempted from the burden and severity of his actions. In fact, he is now facing the consequences of sexually abusing hundreds of women. Many came out against him but a few took a bolder approach to serve him with a real punishment. One of these brave women is Oscar-winning actress Rose […]

Taylor Swift Shares BTS Of ‘The Man’ Shoot

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift you’ve already watched and heard the new ‘The Man’ track from her album ‘Lover’. The man in the video is actually Taylor Swift herself. And how they transformed her into an actual man is literally commendable. Because it is so ‘on point’. Well, Taylor has recently given us […]

Tana Mongeau Spills Tea On Jake Paul Breakup

In a new episode of MTV No Filter, Tana Mongeau opens up about her split with former husband Jake Paul and looks back at how things went downhill in their relationship. You don’t have to go through the entire episode though. Because we’re here to spill all the tea on the situation. Keep reading to […]

Conan O’Brien Shares CoronaVirus Tips With Team Coco

American host Conan O’Brien has created a video on coronavirus, sharing tips on how to keep yourself safe from it. The host takes a very serious issue and tackles it using humor to inform people in a light-hearted way while making them laugh. We’ll tell you all his tips right here. Just keep reading. Related: […]

Ellen DeGeneres Cancels Studio Audience Due To Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is not just some much talked about disease anymore. It is actually taking it’s a toll on more and more people as the virus continues to spread globally. Industries and businesses are halting with increasing bans on travel, and even schools are shutting down. And Ellen DeGeneres has made a crucial change in […]

Women’s Day | Natalie Portman Appreciates TIME Magazine

Actress Natalie Portman is appreciating Time Magazine for their special project with a feminist spin to it, that they showcased on this International Women’s Day. What was the new spin and why does it deserve so much credit? We’ll update you. Keep reading to find out. Related: Natalie Portman Oscars 2020 Dress Honors Forgotten Female […]

Kate Hudson’s Special Message On Women’s Day

Kate Hudson is a powerhouse of talent, ambition, and success. She is inspiring in so many ways. And as an actress, we have seen her climb the ladder of success through the years. She won a Golden Globe for her film Almost Famous (2000) after which she rose to prominence. Since then she has appeared […]

Julia Roberts Promotes Clean Cooking On Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is mostly about celebrating the existence and achievements of women. But it should also be about advocating for their rights, and practices to ensure the safety of these women especially in daily high-risk situations. Julia Roberts has been working for years to raise awareness on one dangerous issue that millions of women […]