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Nashmia Adnan

Editor-in-Chief. Nashmia Adnan strives to give you news about Hollywood in a way that will hopefully not bore you. Whether it be an unusual take on a show or figuring out which celebrities are still cool for you to follow, it's something that will be worth your while. Or so she wishes. Her hobbies include delving so deeply into a TV show that she feels quite lost when it ends, finding comfort in Charles Bukowski quotes and Ricky Gervais' tweets (they're the same thing really) and having a panic attack over climate change.

Schitt’s Creek Wins Emmys 2020 and Our Hearts

Emmys 2020 was possibly the one thing that made this year amazing. The comedy show Schitt’s Creek swept a major win and it was such a delightful surprise for everyone! Their reactions and acceptance speeches to all their wins truly melted our hearts. Everyone is in awe of how this small Canadian show garnered such […]

Did you know Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump in 2016?

Paris Hilton recently revealed her true-self in her new documentary ‘This is Paris’. Personally, I loved it. It was raw, unfiltered, and showed that Paris isn’t the shallow caricature of a Barbie influencer that people thought she was. Though some followers online are pointing out the fact that Paris Hilton voted for Donald Trump in […]

Vanessa Bryant Responds to her mother after she makes shocking claims

Shocking claims were made today by Vanessa Bryant’s mother regarding her daughter. Vanessa’s mother Sofia Laine, claims that her daughter forced her out of her home and made her give her back to her. Vanessa Bryant addressed all of these claims and shared her side of the story. Related: Vanessa Bryant Shares Why She Had […]

Shane Dawson has new ‘Spiraling’ merch available

Shane Dawson has still not made his comeback on his YouTube channel and he has yet to address all of the major controversies surrounding him. While it is still unclear where his career will go next, he is still doing something to ensure his income. One source of revenue for the YouTuber was his merch. […]

Malu Trevejo reveals her mom is an alcoholic who emotionally abuses her

TikTok star and popular singer Malu Trevejo recently revealed shocking facts about her life on her live-stream. Finally breaking down after years of dealing with it, Malu shares that her mother is actually an alcoholic that has emotionally hurt her multiple times. The live-stream clips were shared by YouTube commentator Def Noodles. Related: TikTok Challenge […]

High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale is pregnant!

Surprise, surprise! Another celebrity is pregnant. And this time it’s the sweet and adorable Ashley Tisdale who you may recognize from the Disney channel. She starred as Sharpay Evans on the teen movie High School Musical. Even though she was a villain in the movie, she’s an absolute sweetheart in real life. And fans are […]

Larray ended up blocking Ethan Dolan on Twitter!

Larray is quite the hilarious TikTok star that’s friends with almost every influencer you can think of. Whether it be beauty guru James Charles or the beloved Dolan twins. He definitely gets around! And he likes to have fun with all of his friends online. Recently, he did a hilarious joke on Ethan Dolan and […]

Larray’s Unique Apology for Using the N word

Larray (real name Larri Merritt) is a popular TikToker and YouTuber who has a lot of famous friends. He belongs to the famous Hype House and rakes over millions of views in each of his TikTok. So, when he used the N-word in an online video, people were upset and demanding an apology. Larray did […]