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Mehak Zahra

In her mid-thirties, Mehak decided to hit reset on her life. During this long and tough journey, she believes therapy and memes help a lot. While juggling between work, parental responsibilities and daily life, she makes sure to get some me-time which consists of binge-watching TV shows and films. Needless to say, she never gets enough sleep and is losing brain cells. But its all worth it!

Chris Brown Is Getting Sued For Allegedly Raping And Drugging A Woman

It’s 2022 and Chris Brown is still facing abuse allegations. Recently, a woman alleged that he drugged and raped her in a yacht in Miami. According to her, it was Diddy’s yacht where Brown invited her to discuss music. However, he handed her a drink which made her disoriented and sleepy. After assaulting her, the […]

Kanye West Allegedly Accused Pete Davidson Of Having Aids

In latest news, Kanye West is spreading lies about Pete Davidson AIDS story. According to reports, the rapper is telling everyone close to him that SNL star has the disease. Despite these salacious lies, his close friends think it is very distasteful and immature. It seems that the rapper is getting paranoid with every passing […]

Demi Lovato Thinks Their Vibrator Is Better At It Than Their Ex

After going viral for communicating with spirits, Demi Lovato have made another questionable claim. When asked about their last relationship, the singer quickly took a dig at their ex-boyfriend Max Ehrich. According to them, their vibrator is better than him. In response to this, he posted a picture of his six-pack abs and shared an […]

Jamie Dornan, Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne Used To All Hang Out Together | Here Are All The Details

In a recent interview, Jamie Dornan revealed an interesting thing about him and some of Hollywood’s biggest names. According to him, he, Eddie Redmayne Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson used to live together. During their early days in LA, these actors were roommates and helped each other prepare for auditions. Similarly, in a separate interview, […]

Tana Mongeau and Her Friends Get Dizzy on the ‘Dizzy’ Wine Launch

It seems that Tana Mongeau is broadening her horizons. After hosting a podcast, appearing in a reality show and being YouTube’s ultimate trouble maker has launched her own wine brand. To celebrate the launch of Dizzy Wine, she gathered her friends and social media celebrities. According to reports, LA’s rich and famous showed up to […]

Jake Paul Is Investing In UFC’s Parent Company Endeavor

After being undefeated as a boxer, Jake Paul is stepping up to make some real changes. Recently, it was revealed that he is investing in UFC’s parent company, Endeavor. According to reports, Jake has partnered up with Geoffrey Woo to focus on fighter pay and and providing them with health care. In the past, he […]