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Jannat Shahzad

Joshua Bassett’s New Song Doppelgänger Is About His Ex?

American actor and singer, Joshua Bassett has gotten fame for his role as ‘Rickey Bowen’ in High School Musical: The Series. He has worked with co-star and ex Olivia Rodrigo, the Drivers License star who has recently won three Grammys. Olivia is one of the biggest teen pop stars right now. He has himself released […]

Kehlani’s new song ft. Justin Bieber “Up At Night” music review

American singer and songwriter, Kehlani, greatly known for their song ‘Can I’, has released a new masterpiece. Kehlani sang ‘Gangsta’, featured in the hit movie ‘ Suicide Squad’. They have also collaborated with pop stars on their song ‘wrong’ with Zayn Malik and ‘Get Me’ with Justin Bieber. Currently, Kehlani is teasing their new album […]

Why Durte Dom Is Wanted By The Police

Durte Dom is a social media influencer and a musician who is predominantly famous for being part of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad’. Recently, this media personality was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Los Angeles Police Department was searching for him. Apparently, this is not the first time, Dominykas Zeglaitis has been attached with problematic issues. […]

Doja Cat Says ‘I quit’ On Twitter After A Steamy Fight With Paraguay Fans

The famous hit song ‘Say So’ singer, Doja Cat has gained international fame in such a little time. She has fans all the around chanting her name and singing her hit songs such as ‘Streets’, ‘Ain’t sh*t’ and ‘Woman’. Moreover, Doja Cat’s funny personality, incredible choreo in her music videos and excellent music has gathered […]

Kiernan Shipka Back to Dating Christian Coppola

The well-known star of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, Kiernan Shipka, has been in news for her role in the upcoming movie ‘Swimming with Sharks’. This movie is a reboot of 1994’s George Huang comedy-drama film starring Shipka, Diane Kruger, Kevin Spacey, etc. The 22-year-old has been linked to many stars indicating a romantic inclination such […]

Nicki Minaj’s New Song with Coi Leray “Blick Blick” Music Review

American Rapper & Singer, Nicki Minaj, has been releasing music back and forth. In one month, Minaj released “Bussin”, “Do We Have A Problem” and “Fractions”. Fans can’t get enough of their favorite rap star. Coi Leray, Twinnem singer, has also released a song “Blick Blick” with Nicki, followed by a music video as well. […]

Drake Bell Says Josh Peck Hated Drake & Josh

The famous Nickelodeon sitcom “Drake & Josh” made almost everyone’s childhood memorable. It’s always refreshing to see childhood stars linking up when they become adults. However, such has not been the case for Drake Bell and Josh Peck. The stars of “Drake & Josh” have been in a constant feud for a while despite efforts […]

Josh Peck Is Not Friends With Drake Bell Anymore

Remember our childhood besties, Drake & Josh? Well, the versus exist between them now and they are not quite friends anymore. Their feud apparently started from a wedding invitation. In 2017, Josh Peck, the actor of the famous Nickelodeon sitcom, got married to Paige O’Brien. The issue stemmed from Josh not inviting Drake to his […]