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Jannat Shahzad

Stephanie Beatriz Movies And Tv Shows

Stephanie Beatriz is a talented, beautiful, and entertaining actress in Hollywood. She has made her name in the movie and tv shows industry with her roles as Rosa Diaz and Mirabel. Stephanie is well known for her versatile roles as an actress. She takes the admirable roles of women and is not shy to flaunt […]

Nessa Barrett Says She Has No Beef With Mads Lewis

Nessa Barrett, American singer, and TikTok star, has been recently involved in a bit of drama with her ex-best friend Mads Lewis. It is not something new to their fans because the drama between these two comes and goes. Mads Lewis is also a famous TikTok star. Barrett and Lewis were once best friends until […]

Woody Harrelson Movies And Tv Shows Ranked

Woody Harrelson is a playwright and an American actor. His talent has earned him four Golden Globe nominations and nominations for three Academy Awards. He has been seen in the movies such as ‘White Men Can’t Jump, ‘ Hunger Games, ‘Natural Born Killers, ‘Venom’ and others. Harrelson possesses incredible acting skills and holds the ability […]

Joey King Movies And TV Shows You Should Watch

Joey King is one of the most known, talented, and booked actresses in Hollywood. She has been cast in big Hollywood projects since a very young age. King has worked with iconic actors and actresses and made a name for herself since the very beginning. Furthermore, King’s marvelous acting skills and stunning looks are to […]

Emma Roberts Movies And TV Shows You Should Stream Now

Emma Roberts is one of Hollywood’s most talented and successful young actresses. She is the niece of the icon, Julia Roberts. Emma has been in the industry since her childhood. She has starred in movies such as We’re the Millers, Wild Child, Nerve, etc, and tv shows such as unfabulous. Furthermore, she has earned her […]

Tom Hardy Movies and TV Shows You Should Watch

Tom Hardy is an English actor, producer, and screenwriter. Through his excellent performances in movies and tv shows, he has made his name in Hollywood. Moreover, he played the roles of the front men in multiple projects where he has displayed his talent and proven himself as an astonishing actor in Hollywood. We have compiled […]

Best Spy Movies To Watch

Spy Movies that are a mixture of comedy, action, adventure, and romance are timeless. It can give you a whole package and serve a good deal of entertainment. Since the summer holidays have started, we have compiled for you a list of some of the Best Spy Movies To Watch. Related: Best Drew Barrymore Movies […]

Best Olivia Wilde Movies And Tv Shows You Should Check Out

Olivia Wilde, the talented American actress, and filmmaker have played memorable characters in iconic movies and tv shows. She has a marvelous presence and an amazing set of acting and filming skills. Wilde has appeared in popular shows such as House. She has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards multiple times. Moreover, she has won […]

Kristen Bell Movies and Tv Shows list

Kristen Bell is one of the most popular and talented actresses in Hollywood. Bell gained predominant domination with her role of ‘veronica’ in the film and series Veronica Mars. Before this, she made several TV appearances in ‘Spartan’, ‘The Shield’ and ‘American Dreams’. Throughout her iconic career, Bell delivered applaudable performances. Moreover, she plays the […]