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Fatima Khalid

The same story as any other writer. Was a reader since childhood. Started writing for no reason. Still do it. And will continue to do it.

Hailey Baldwin congratulates sister Alaia on her pregnancy

Quarantine has slowed things down. Well, this is a fact which no one is going to argue with. But people are still doing things indoors to give themselves a feeling of sanity. Some are coping by trying out new things. While others are face timing with their friends and family to catch up. And some […]

Jake Paul steals Logan Paul’s new bird

Jake Paul has been creating some cool vlogs lately. Every Thursday he drops us something good to enjoy. And for that we are thankful. Who could ask for anything else these days but entertainment? He recently hit 20 million subscribers on YouTube. Something for him to celebrate in these hard times right. Related: Logan Paul […]

James Corden lost his cool 5 times in the show

This month is The Late Late Show with James Corden‘s fifth anniversary. In honor of this, they posted a video showing the five times James’s lost his temper. He is this cool and funny guy who is seen goofing about, making people laugh. So seeing him in another state (while acting obviously) was unexpected. Related: […]

Noah Schnapp takes online quizes about himself

On his YouTube channel, the adorable Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things uploaded a video being all cool and casual. Noah Schnapp quizzes himself During quarantine, many people are trying out new things to keep themselves occupied. Noah Schnapp takes things up a notch and tries out something different. So on his laptop, he looked for […]

Chris Klemens tells his cringiest celebrity encounters

Chris Klemens is a 26-year-old American YouTuber, comedian, and photographer. On his YouTube channel, he uploads videos related to travel, comedy, and interviews with celebrities. Chris Klemens’ worst celebrity encounters On April 5, 2020, he decided to make use of the quarantine and record the worst ever celebrity encounters that he had. As he has […]

Netflix Releases The Midnight Gospel Trailer

These days one of the options that most of us find solace in is Netflix. After all, it is a good source of entertainment and often times we end up learning something worthwhile from it as well. So, it is a good catch nonetheless. There is tons of good stuff on there. Both new and […]

Miley Cyrus talks about her banger song

Jimmy Fallon is still going strong with his celebrity interviews from his living room. He is one good example of work from home. He is still providing quality content to his followers in this time of need. Entertainment is in shortage these days, so the ones who are going on a limb to help us […]

Harry Styles has a favorite Niall Horan song

It has been a weird time for the One Direction fans. They have been waiting for the band to get back together after their never-ending break. Each member has gone their own separate ways and they are still rocking it nonetheless. But Directioners still have hope that one day the band will come back together. […]

Hugh Jackman makes another handwashing video

The pandemic and the fear that comes with it, is making people restless of course. But worrying is not the way to go. Keeping your self safe and protected sure is important, but so is keeping yourself mentally relaxed. There is a pandemic at hand and people are figuring out a way to handle it. […]

Kelly Ripa faces backlash as she makes CoronaVirus joke

Everywhere we look and go, we see and hear one thing – CoronaVirus. People have different reactions to this pandemic because every human being is different. Some are in their houses following every precautionary measure possible to not catch the virus. Whereas others are filling their houses with all the essentials so that they can […]