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Fatima Khalid

The same story as any other writer. Was a reader since childhood. Started writing for no reason. Still do it. And will continue to do it.

Josh Brolin apologises for irresponsible picture

Quarantine has been imposed by the government for a reason. It is to make sure that the impact of the virus falls down. An increased number of cases pose a lot of threats to hospitals. The government is doing their job and it is important that each individual does their own part as well. That […]

Hailey Baldwin congratulates sister Alaia on her pregnancy

Quarantine has slowed things down. Well, this is a fact which no one is going to argue with. But people are still doing things indoors to give themselves a feeling of sanity. Some are coping by trying out new things. While others are face timing with their friends and family to catch up. And some […]

Jana Kramer had a panic attack after flying to Canada amid COVID-19

When this pandemic started, there were mixed reactions everywhere. Some people laughed it off and said they pay no heed to something going on in the other part of the world. People were still leaving their countries for their plans despite the alarms ringing everywhere. Here’s a similar story for you about Jana Kramer. Jana […]

Kylie Jenner shuts down body shamers

Gossip just keeps on piling up despite the fact that the world has come to a stop. Some people are still on their mean streaks and don’t hold back when they see something they don’t agree with. But it doesn’t mean that good people out there should keep quiet about such things. When the world […]

Jake Paul steals Logan Paul’s new bird

Jake Paul has been creating some cool vlogs lately. Every Thursday he drops us something good to enjoy. And for that we are thankful. Who could ask for anything else these days but entertainment? He recently hit 20 million subscribers on YouTube. Something for him to celebrate in these hard times right. Related: Logan Paul […]

Hugh Jackman teaches Jimmy Fallon to bake bread

Jimmy Fallon is going strong with his all-new home edition episodes. And we are more than happy for all the content he and his fellow talk show hosts are creating. Entertainment is in short supply these days and we are fortunate to get it in any form. Hugh Jackman joins Jimmy Fallon On April 17, […]

Nadiya’s Time to Eat | Learn cooking hacks & shortcuts

The many genres of shows that Netflix caters, there is plenty of content to go through during quarantine. You can finish something and instantly get hooked to another series or movie. It’s no news that no one has much to do these days. So, watching Netflix only does make sense these days. If you’re out […]

Change your summer life with Netflix’s Summertime

The largest streaming service in the entire world is keeping us going through these troubled times. Providing quality content to the entire population is a big responsibility. But as the internet traffic has seen an increase, Netflix is being asked to drop the quality of their videos. Nonetheless, you can still stream a lot of […]

Jason Momoa becomes P.E teacher at home

Jason Momoa is the cool and hunk of a guy that we all are in love with. After playing the famous role of Khal Drogo, he went to make movies out there. Well, he needs no introduction if you don’t know him already. He is the Aquaman that you see in the DC movies. Related: […]

North West exposes Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, mom to four beautiful children, daughter North (age 6), son Saint (age 4), daughter Chicago (age 2), and son Psalm (11 months old). She is also playing her role as an influencer to preach people to stay at home to curb the problems caused by the virus. Related: Khloe Kardashian gifts s*x toys […]