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Fatima Ahmed

Fatima is an undergraduate student at the Lahore School of Economics doing her degree in economics and marketing. She holds an active interest in politics, economics, arts and literature and is an avid fan of Lana Del Rey. Fatima, among many of her plans for the future, wants to become a writer in a way that she can impact her surroundings positively.

Why Bryce Dallas Howard Loves Book Radical Candor

In a recent post, the Jurassic Park actress Bryce Dallas Howard took time out to post about her favorite book on her Instagram handle: Radical Candor. The actress wrote a long note beside a picture of her holding the book to talk about why she likes the book. Bryce Dallas Howard On Radical Candor She […]

Celebrities Show Support For Sudan

Protesters in Sudan face a Brutal crackdown by the military and the media remains silent. However, a few celebrities remain an exception. Rihanna, Wizkid, Demi Lovato, and the Hadid sisters have used their Instagram handles to spread the word across their followers. Ever since then, their posts and stories have seen massive shares. Rihanna | […]

Salt Bae featured in DJ Khaled’s New Music Video

The famous Instagram celebrity chef Salt Bae and music producer DJ Khaled had seemed to have something rolling for us behind the scenes. The two had been spotted partying and posting together on social media for quite some time. In fact, Salt Bae was also spotted on the music producer’s birthday along with celebrities like […]

TNT’s Claws Season 3 Premieres On June 9th, 2019

Just when people thought TNT’s Claws couldn’t get any better, the company released a sneak peek of episode 1 of upcoming season 3. The new promo for the Claws season 3 aired on May 22nd. And people can not handle it ever since. Things Were Bound To Rise In Claws Season 3 The manicurist from […]

Where is Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell Album

Lana Del Rey’s sixth album is incoming and fans still do not know what to expect from the much awaited album Norman F*cking Rockwell.  Her widely applauded cover Doin’ Time releasing on May 16 this year. Ever since then, fans have been waiting for when the actual treat arrives – and what they should expect. […]

People Making Memes On Huawei Google Ban

Most Huawei phone users have perhaps a great deal of satisfaction using both their low end and high end phones. Their phones vary in terms of their features like internal memory, micro SD, memory and camera quality. Most Huawei phones carry a screen that is both good and crisp, Plus, it has a finger-print reader […]