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Farzah Mirza

A lawyer by day and an entertainment content writer by night. Farzah Mirza's guilty pleasures include avoiding muggles, reading John Grisham novels, watching murder mysteries and grisly serial killer documentaries. Her motto is, the gruesome it is, the better!

Cardi B & Daughter Kulture at Stormi’s Birthday Bash

Kylie Jenner hosted a lavish party for daughter, Stormi’s 2nd birthday called StormiWorld. The party included guests like Cardi B and her daughter Kulture, model Hailey Bieber, Grammy-winning singer Rosalía, Chrissy Teigen, and John Legend. Related: Cardi B’s daughter Kulture breaks the internet with her driving skills on Quibi Cardi B and Kulture at StormiWorld […]

15 Important Facts About Harry Styles

Although the world now knows him as an incredible solo artist, Harry Styles started off just like the rest of us and auditioned for X Factor to get to where he is now. Now that he’s a world-famous pop star, there are a lot of facts about his past that most of you don’t know. […]