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Farzah Mirza

A lawyer by day and an entertainment content writer by night. Farzah Mirza's guilty pleasures include avoiding muggles, reading John Grisham novels, watching murder mysteries and grisly serial killer documentaries. Her motto is, the gruesome it is, the better!

Jane the Virgin: Top 10 Best Moments

Jane the Virgin might possibly be the best show on the planet. And if you missed it, we genuinely feel sorry for you. It’s the perfect mix of love, laughter, sorrow, and everything that’s important in the world. There is no chance you won’t feel like a million bucks after an episode of Jane the […]

Jude Law Expecting A Baby With Wife Phillipa Coan

Congratulations are in order for Jude Law! Jude and his wife, Phillipa Coan were seen out and about in London together on Sunday. Phillipa was seen sporting a baby bump. The couple recently enjoyed their first anniversary. And it turns out, Jude is already looking forward to a sweet and special surprise very soon. What […]

The Simpsons Predictions: Real Or Hoax?

The Simpsons has been airing on Fox since 1989. It has a total of 30 seasons and every season is more unpredictable than the previous one. However, speaking of being unpredictable, The Simpsons is famous for one thing. Predicting the future. I know, ironic. But hear me out. It has predicted the 9/11 attack, Donald […]

Daniel Radcliffe Congratulates Rupert Grint On New Baby

It would make Potterheads happy to know Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are still the best of friends. The iconic duo who play Harry Potter and best friend, Ron Weasely is still as close as ever. Even after 9 years of the last move in the HP franchise. As most of you know, Rupert Grint […]

The Pretty Little Liars Cast Reunited And Secrets Were Spilled

The Pretty Little Liars cast has always been one big family. Even though the show last aired three years ago, the cast members have all kept in touch. Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn, Janel Parrish, Sasha Pieterse and show creator, Marlene King all got together on Zoom to […]

Colleen Ballinger Apologizes for Racist Remarks

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is showing us it’s never too late to make up for past mistakes. No matter where you are in life and no matter how long ago your mistake was, you can always own up to it. And then apologise for your actions. Related: Did Colleen Ballinger take advantage of a minor, Adam […]

KUWTK First 2 Seasons Are Coming To Netflix UK

We have great news for UK fans of KUWTK. The reality show is coming to Netflix UK. At least the first two seasons are. Related: Kourtney Kardashian’s Positive Message Amid Scott’s Rehab News Fans go wild as Netflix UK revealed the first two seasons of the iconic reality show will be available from June 1. […]

Lorelai Gilmore’s 5 Good & 5 Bad Mom Moments

Gilmore Girls is a TV show that got super popular because of its quirky script and the amazing mother-daughter duo. Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham, was 16 years old when she got pregnant with her daughter, Rory. And the story begins when Rory turns 16. And although some people might say Lorelai was the […]

Jeffree Star Spills More Tea On Feud With James Charles

I think most of you still remember the whole James Charles x Tati Westbrook drama from last year. It caused a stir on the internet and became the talk of the town. And soon enough, Jeffree Star was dragged into the drama. It all started when James Charles posted an Instagram story promoting Sugarbear Sleep […]

Gilmore Girls: Why Rory Gilmore Was The Worst Character

It’s been a while since Gilmore Girls last aired. Although the original series ended in 2008, a revival called Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life came to Netflix in 2016. And since quarantine has made us do a lot of crazy stuff. I decided to give in to the long-forgotten hype of the show […]