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Fahadullah Hussaini

Syed Fahadullah Hussaini is Dankanator’s TV critic and reporter. Fahad has written for platforms including Parhlo, Wonderful Engineering and Mangobaaz. Fahad’s work has also appeared on Dawn’s Young World, and on several Paparazzi issues. Fahad views TV as a resource rather than a medium. Laden richly with an extensive medley of ideas, cultures, facts, and fables. The writer taps on TV’s new and returning presentations, and channels out every bit of news related to them, along with objectively (and subjectively) analyzing their substance. Fahad is currently working on a short-stories collection, ‘Seven Colors Of Life’, which shall soon be available on his blog.

Why Cancelling The Popular Film Award The Right Thing To Do For Oscars

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has confirmed the scrapping of Oscar’s rather amorphous award for achievement in the ‘Popular Film’ category. “The Academy recognized that implementing any new award nine months into the year creates challenges for films that have already been released,” reads the press release, entitled “Academy determines new Oscars category […]

The Nun Fails To Scare Us

If you have seen the movie ‘Godzilla’ you would have an idea of how the actual character Godzilla was largely unavailable during the entire movie. The same is the case for our latest horror flick: The Nun. Ideally, a scare-free expansion of the Conjuring universe, The Nun disappoints on several levels. The film delivers much […]

What Hollywood Has Lost With Burt Reynolds Death

Hollywood lost a legend this Thursday. Burt Reynolds, best remembered for his performances in ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ died at 82, as confirmed by his agent Todd Eisner.  Reynolds’ demise is indeed saddening and has felt his fans and the entire Hollywood industry grief-stricken. Reynolds passed away at Jupiter Medical Centre, Florida; owing […]

Tyler Joseph – The Millennial Genius of Music

When we talk about pop or rock we are obviously talking about Tyler Joseph. For the uninitiated (if any) Joseph is an American singer, writer, lyricist, rapper, musician, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and songwriter. He rose to fame with the covers of his band of two, Twenty One Pilots. Since then he established a place for […]

What Can We Hope From “A Star is Born”

Ever since the ‘A Star is Born’ trailer hit the screens back in June, fans are hooked to the advent of the fourth part of their favorite romantic affair. The remake of the second remake of the remake of the 30s classic is coming to our screens again. But this time with a modern touch. Directed by Bradley Cooper and […]

The 8th American Horror Story Is a Post Apoclyptic Giligan’s Island

Probably the best part about American Horror Story is that it never disappoints. With every new season the show revamps itself. Certainly, season 8 will be no different.  FX recently released the new trailer for its signature horror anthology series. Folks, it’s crazier than ever! Following weeks of bewildering teasers showcasing sinister and cardinal demon […]

John Oliver’s Take on the Sexual Harassment

Days after CBS Chief, Les Moonves, was accused not by one but by six independent women over charges of sexual harassment at workplace, and deliberate infringement and sabotage of their careers; renown comedian and talk show host John Oliver took on sexual harassment in the workplace and the #MeToo movement in his show ‘Last Week Tonight […]